Agard Union Trading is a wealth management and financial services business located in Seoul that serves clients on a global scale.

Our goal is to achieve long-term success through a variety of investments and sound business practices, guaranteeing that our clients receive the results they desire.


Professional investment and advisory services

Founded in 2014, Agard Union Trading is a specialized wealth management business. We use our global partners to provide successful individuals, families, and for-purpose organizations with professional investment and strategic advisory services.

We aspire to be our clients most trusted partner and to become a socially responsible member of our global communities. We earn this trust by adhering to our financial tradition and offering excellent service and leading capabilities that are adapted to each client's unique requirements.

Our focus on the integration of environmental, social and governance responsibilities as foundations of investment are a major part of our history.

8 Number of years Agard Union Trading has been in business
150+ Experienced employees driving our business and assisting clients
2 Locations in which we provide financial services to our clients
$13.62bn Amount of client assets currently under our management


Broad Range Of Investment Choices

What sets us apart from other financial advisors is the mix of professionally designed financial planning and a wide range of possibilities.

When presented with so many alternatives, deciding which investment is best for your needs can be difficult, but with our team of experts you will feel comfortable with every decision you make.

We assist our customers in achieving their financial goals by providing holistic solutions that include what is important to them - in their business and personal lives, now and in the future

Because we are completely independent, the advice we provide is objective and unbiased.

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Risk management is a major part in our portfolio building strategy.

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Safeguarding Your Wealth

Our independent risk management team monitors each portfolio to ensure that our investment teams understand the risk-reward balance so that our investment strategies perform as planned.

We are here to help you safeguard, grow, and maximize your money so that you and your family may be secure in the future. But most importantly, we want to assist you in reaching your dreams and aspirations, whatever they may be. The possibilities are endless.


We are dedicated to becoming a sustainable and responsible company

At Agard Union Trading, we are very aware about our social responsibilities. Our dedication is to always do the right thing, to think long-term, and to help our clients and the communities in which we operate.

Through our sustainable finance commitments, responsible company operations, and inclusive community programs, we are committed to becoming a sustainable and responsible company.

We are trying to integrate environmental sustainability into our services, operations, and culture to support efficient and responsible resource consumption while creating comfortable, safe, and healthy workplaces. We understand that climate change is one of the most severe environmental and social concerns of our time. As a company, we are working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. Whatever the situation, we are committed to doing the right thing by prioritizing the needs of our customers, employees, communities, and the environment.

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At Agard Union Trading, we believe that everyone should have the ability to make the best financial decisions and utilize their money to live the life they choose.

We are delighted to be in the front of a technology revolution that is reshaping how wealth management services are delivered, allowing consumers to reconnect with their finances. People will be able to make better financial decisions due to this transformation, which will provide them with the tools and financial guidance they seek in a way that is genuinely accessible.

We set out to create a company that would assist our clients by understanding their financial status, creating long-term financial objectives, and enabling them to make the best financial decisions possible.

Our mission is to provide unrivaled financial planning and asset management services that positively influence our clients' lives. We will accomplish this by utilizing cutting-edge technology to assist our clients in better understanding and optimizing their financial situation and making the most excellent financial decisions possible.