At Agard Union Trading, we specialize in managing private assets. Our customers include personal, commercial, or family wealth clients that want to preserve for themselves and, in many cases, future generations.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process of connecting your requirements, values, and personal objectives with all aspects of your money in order to provide you with a holistic picture of where you are now and where you can go in the future.

With a strategic financial plan in place, you will be able to make confident, well-informed decisions regarding your short and long-term objectives.

Financial Planning will provide you with the answers you need, allowing you to focus on what is essential while also giving you the flexibility to enjoy life wherever it takes you.

Make confident, well-informed decisions regarding your objectives with a strategic financial plan.

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Customized Financial Strategy

Financial Planning and Investment Management are two different but complimentary services that we use to manage our clients' money. You may use any one separately, but when combined, they provide a comprehensive strategy to protecting you and your money.

Our Investment Managers have a unique focus: they commit themselves to efficiently investing your money so that you may achieve your objectives. They will put together an investing portfolio that takes into account not just your needs, but also your risk tolerance, loss capacity, and timeline.

Our Financial Planners' specialized purpose is to get to know you and understand your life goals and objectives before providing a customized financial strategy to assist you achieve them.

What we do is provide you with a blueprint for the future you desire.

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Investment Management

Our Investment Managers will put your money to work for you in customized portfolios designed to offer you confidence in reaching the future you desire, whether you want to increase your capital, produce income, or preserve your wealth. Our financial strategy is around putting your needs first.

Our suggestions are always tailor-made for you, depending on your unique circumstances, and never generic. We take great care to balance possible risks and rewards so you can rest easy knowing your money is working hard and smart for you.

One with clear instructions and the opportunity to see where and when your financial plan might need to be tweaked, this might be during the beginning of our partnership with you or later on, since life, goals, and finances can all change over time.